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Guaranteed Rate

Alex Filin

Helping people achieve their home-ownership dreams is my top priority. I understand that buying a home can be the largest financial decision of someone’s life, and I cherish the opportunity to play a role in that profound moment. I want my clients to feel comfortable with their loan product, so I lay out all of their options. By being honest, open, and transparent throughout the loan process, I empower my clients to confidently buy their dream home. In today's mortgage environment – we emphasize the importance of educating our clients, as well as making certain they’re updated on the status of their loan at every step of the mortgage journey! We use a team approach where everyone is active and involved in the process. The great thing about working with a company like Guaranteed Rate is that it gives a wide variety of options for clients that will keep them involved and plugged into the entire process. Customers have often found the home loan process daunting for its complexity, but our team makes sure the process is easy and understandable for the borrower. We are confident in our ability to deliver and make every borrower happy by closing day! I’m here to help you with Life’s Biggest Purchase.


Optimal Home Connections

Shawn Santos

Shawn Santos began his career in the real estate field by working as an apprentice in his family owned home inspection company. That’s where he learned the ins, and outs of the business, along with obtaining years worth of knowledge by some of the best in the business. He also honed in on the importance of proper building construction during his training as a Firefighter/Paramedic. In 2016 he decided to take the leap and begin his own company, Optimal Home Inspections LLC. Fast forward to 2022, he has a team of 3 which is comprised of home inspectors who also worked in the trades which allow them to bring enhanced knowledge to the table, which translates to more thorough inspections for the client.


Ansong Law

Dennis Ansong

Dennis Ansong, founder of Ansong Law, drives a dynamic blend of real estate transactions and estate planning services. With almost ten years of legal experience and thousands of real estate transactions, Dennis guides developers, investors, home buyers and owners through acquisitions and sales. An advocate for delivering premium counsel, Dennis unrelentingly provides his clients with unique expertise, specific to their individual needs. He takes the time and attention to break down the home buying and selling process with his clients in easily digestible terms, ensuring they receive an honest and thorough assessment. His clients praise his keen eye in spotting financial liabilities during transactions.


Born in Ghana, Dennis moved to the greater Los Angeles area in his early years and holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from University of California-Irvine and his JD from Southern Illinois-Carbondale. Dennis is a member of the Illinois Bar Association and Illinois Real Estate Lawyers Association. In 2019 he was admitted to the Supreme Court of the United States Bar.

Residing now in Chicago, Dennis is an active member of the community, giving back to a variety of organizations that support local Chicago businesses and its people. He sits on the advisory board for Youth for a Better Future. Outside of law, Dennis enjoys staying active with his Doberman Pinscher, cooking and catching the latest basketball game. He speaks English and Twi, one of Ghana’s native dialects.

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RBD Renovation, LLC

Rob Domin

In 2008 I was working as a mortgage lender for Eastern Savings Bank in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  At the time we were a subprime lender working nationwide and making a lot of loans in the Chicago area.  When the housing market crashed in 2009 they offered me the opportunity to relocate to Chicago and manage the banks REO (Real Estate Owned) portfolio.  So basically my rehab career started in 2009 and for the next 6 years we repaired over 150 homes for ESB.  I knew that job was temporary since we were no longer writing loans to replace the ones we were selling, but still tremendous experience especially working in all areas of Chicagoland. 

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In 2015 I joined Fay Servicing as an REO asset manager and still worked on rehabs, but this time it was nationwide and from a desk.  This was good experience, but not the same as being in the field so in 2018 I formed my company RBD Renovation LLC.  Over the next several years we worked on much larger multi-unit projects for several investors and direct clients.  Currently we have a crew of 6 plus sub-contractors for HVAC, electrical, plumbing, concrete, hardwood floors, and framing.  We not only take on the large projects, but also the smaller ones that most GC’s pass on.  Our pricing is very transparent and we tend to overcommunicate, but most clients greatly appreciate it.

Work With Us

Our team culture is extremely important to us. Outside of real estate we workout together, explore the city and celebrate team wins, milestones, and family.